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Key to being able to be an effective environmental manager is the ability to communicate to a wide variety of audiences using both written and oral media. This course is designed specifically to prepare you to communicate effectively within this context and it achieves this through a series of assignments that are linked to the kind of issues and challenges you will find in the workplace.


List of Notes and Guidelines 

Effective Writing.pdf Effective Writing.pdf
Size : 302.553 Kb
Type : pdf
Chapter One_Communication Theory 2016.pdf Chapter One_Communication Theory 2016.pdf
Size : 462.931 Kb
Type : pdf
Academic Writing.pdf Academic Writing.pdf
Size : 642.856 Kb
Type : pdf
How to avoid Plagiarism 08 March 16.pdf How to avoid Plagiarism 08 March 16.pdf
Size : 466.574 Kb
Type : pdf
effective_emails.pdf effective_emails.pdf
Size : 266.942 Kb
Type : pdf
Oral Presentations & Writing for PowerPoint.pdf Oral Presentations & Writing for PowerPoint.pdf
Size : 1043.366 Kb
Type : pdf


Article_Environmental Management Paradigm.pdf Article_Environmental Management Paradigm.pdf
Size : 126.037 Kb
Type : pdf

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